The Love Course

Are you ready for a deeper connection with the Divine?

Would you like a pure, clear, and reliable connection to Source Energy that you can access at any time?

Would you like to live in an embodied state of unconditional love, light, and wisdom all the time?

The Love Course is calling you…

The Love Course is your pathway to a deeper, more effortless connection with the Divine.

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Introducing The Love Course

The Love Course was designed to activate your natural connection to your Higher Self. With this, you will find Divine guidance, healing energies, your Soul’s divine purpose, and the remembrance of who you truly are as love. This is the most beautiful, extraordinary, transformative experience you can have.

Let me invite you into a closer relationship with your own soul

Within you is a connection to the greatest wisdom and healing energy of the Universe. You have a direct connection to God/Spirit/Source.

Through the highest, most elevated part of your soul - your Higher Self - you have access to information about the most essential areas of your life: love, purpose, and destiny.

In The Love Course, I will guide you into a greater relationship with this part of yourself.

Who is The Love Course for?

Akashic Records practitioners who are seeking to expand their ability to access wisdom from the higher realms even more…

Coaches, therapists, healers, and bodyworkers who would like to incorporate intuitive guidance into their work in the world...

Artists, writers, and sensitives, the wild and magic ones who would like to heighten their connection to the Divine to enrich their own lives ...

The Pathway to Love

Over the 8 weeks, we will journey through 8 essential portals. We will begin by creating a sense of safety in your body and an unshakable connection to Source Energy. We will heal and release the residual wounds of your personal, ancestral, and genetic memory. We will connect with your soul’s divine purpose. And, we will teach you the new art of creation in your own life.

The Portals:

Class 1. Initiation: Initiation to the Higher Self

Class 2. Sanctuary: Creating Safety through Source

Class 3. Heart: Healing the Heart

Class 4. Home (Tribe): Becoming at Home in the World: Ancestral and Family Healing

Class 5. Opening to Life: Encountering & Surrendering to Life

Class 6. Purpose: Connecting with Soul’s Divine Mission

Class 7. Creation: The Art of Manifestation

Class 8. Transcendence: Bringing It All Together, Living into Love

At the End of The Love Course:

  1. You will have a natural, intimate relationship with your Higher Self that is always there for you.
  2. You will have released everything that has kept you from a pure, clear connection to the Divine itself.
  3. You will have developed consistent daily practices to keep yourself balanced, clear, and open.
  4. You will have mastered the ability to create for yourself through the new vibrational manifestation practices. 

With these gifts, you will have the ability to access divine guidance and healing for your own life, your relationships, your business, and the world.

Course Format

  • 8 Weekly 90- to 120-minute Zoom classes facilitated by Brynne Dippell, Ph.D., Master Healer/Teacher
  • Energetic Transmissions from Source Energy to elevate you to your highest potential
  • Structured Breakout Practice Groups for in-the-moment mentorship and guidance
  • Soul Family Practice Partners to enhance your abilities (upon request)
  • Vibrant and Loving Community group
  • Class Dates: TBD

Client Experiences with The Love Course


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