I’m Brynne Dippell,
your intuitive spiritual counselor and energy healer.

My work is a combination of a life spent learning and evolving.

Based in love above all else, I have an innate gift that has blossomed over the years to provide you with unparalleled spiritual guidance, wisdom, and emotional healing.

I can see your soul essence, help you connect to your Higher Self, and learn about your mission for this lifetime through the Akashic Records.

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, am a certified Akashic Records Master Healer/Teacher and Energy Healer.

Having practiced as a psychologist for 10 years before my own spiritual awakening, I possess a deep and nuanced understanding of the human spirit. I have blended the best of these practices to discover the most direct path to bring out the soul’s true essence and purpose.

My lifelong intuition has enhanced my ability to access information for other people through extensive work in the Akashic Records. These deep understandings have allowed me to facilitate emotional healing and release.

brynne photo

Through this loving process, you will experience profound spiritual and emotional healing, leading to a renewed sense of calm, peace, and inspiration.

By lovingly attending to and releasing emotional blockages, you are able to receive a clear understanding of your soul’s true purpose in this life. This can express itself in many beautiful ways and open up a future that feels truly, authentically YOU.