Brynne E. Dippell, Ph.D. Spiritual Counseling & Energy Healing


Experience Divine Wisdom and Hands on Energy Healing
for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Healing


I am delighted to announce I will be hosting in person healing groups using the energy of the Akashic Records. Through divine wisdom, energetic initiations, and hands on energy healing, we will:

  • gently release core emotional wounding
  • bring the physical body into balance
  • accelerate your spiritual evolution
  • connect with your soul’s divine purpose

After these beautiful transmissions of light and love, I will bring through guidance from the Akashic Records. We will create a very sweet and loving sanctuary for whatever needs to be acknowledged and released with love.

The Record Keepers say, “We will open a space in which pure Divine Light can flow through.
We will offer our wisdom and our love through this One (Brynne) to ease your tender hearts,
align the physical body and bring greater clarity and upliftment to the restless mind.”

The Luminous Salon will be 2-1/2 to 3 hours, and the energy exchange is $288. 

I would be delighted to have you join me! 



Date & Time:
September 14, 2019  

Los Angeles, CA 

The registration fee for Luminous Salon is $288.

Ready to be embraced by the love of the Divine? Join us at the Luminous Salon


"Brynne has a wonderful way
of showing me that I am not
alone in struggle."

"When life gets messy, there is one place I know that I can always turn. No matter how sad, confused or conflicted I may be, Brynne has a wonderful way of showing me that I am not alone in struggle; that I am part of a vast loving web of life and spirit; and that each setback is an opportunity for expansion on the path of destiny. Brynne is the closest I’ve ever come to an Angel, and I am profoundly grateful to have her insight, instinct, wisdom, warmth, humor and healing energy just a phone call away."

Steven K., Video Editor, Songwriter
Los Angeles, CA


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